When You’ve Got To Have A PPM Fast Because Your Syndication Is On The Line

Raising Capital?

Why Pay $12,000 or $25,000 & Wait 4 to 6 Weeks to Have a PPM Prepared?

In real estate, speed wins.

Don’t waste time waiting on slow law firms to create your syndication package.

Dominate your competition with speed to market with an attorney-prepared syndication package.

Are You Aware That the Majority of PPM’s Being Offered Are Template Based and Take Just A Few Hours To Draft, So... Why Are You Having to Pay So Much and Why Does It Take So Long?

Are You Aware That the Majority of PPM’s Being Offered Are Template Based and Take Just A Few Hours To Draft, So... Why Are You Having to Pay So Much and Why Does It Take So Long?

Get An Attorney Drafted PPM In Under 5 Business Days For A Fraction Of The Cost

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Having the ability to get your ppm done quickly once you begin a syndication is key. All things being equal you want professionally drafted ppm, you want it prepared as inexpensively as possible, and you want it completed as quickly as possible.
That’s where come in.

Discover the Speed, Simplicity, and Cost savings of PPM Ninjas

Our team has been preparing ppm’s for years, and listening to our clients for years, and we realized there was a void in the marketplace. Real Estate Investors needed a cost-effective, professionally prepared ppm with a fast turnaround, so they could get their syndications off the ground quicker, and no one was offering anything of the sort. So, we started PPM Ninja’s for real investors who were looking to scale their business quickly using OPM.
  • Offer Investors A Fast Turn Around (Under 5 Business Days)
  • A Fraction of Cost of What Stuffy Law Firms will Charge You
  • Our Attorney’s Exclusively Specialize in Private Placement Memorandums & Real Estate Syndication



How do we DOMINATE the competition with a faster a turnaround and lower cost?
Our attorney exclusively focuses on real estate syndications. He’s a securities specialist with over 10 years drafting proven-PPMs that raise capital.

Then we use email and communicate via Google Docs to shorten the time for and follow steps below to keep it simple:

  1. Contract our PPM Ninja.
  2. Complete a Short Questionnaire
  3. Our Attorney (Black Belt Ninja) Prepares the PPM in under 5 Days
  4. Client Reviews PPM and Resubmits with Any Needed Changes
  5. PPM Ninja’s Corrects PPM and Sends for Client’s Approval
  6. Done

So, What Am I Getting With My Purchase:

An attorney drafted syndication package (SEC Compliant Private Placement Memorandum) to raise capital including:

All Exhibits Including:

  • Subscription Agreement
  • Operating Agreement
  • Owners Certificate
  • Investor Questionnaire
  • Form D Filed With The SEC
  • State Notifications



Do I Get Representation with The Purchase of My PPM if I’m sued or challenge?

No. Any engagement with an attorney for document preparation such as drafting a will, contracts, or private placement does not include legal representation in court. Typically, one would have to engage corporate defense attorney which is their area of expertise.

What Information Do You Need from Me?

All the required documents are in listed in the Online Questionnaire you’ll be sent to after Payment.

Why are these PPMs more cost-effective than a traditional law firm?

  1. Little overhead. We do not have to furnish a fancy office or pay rent.
  2. We don’t waste time to justify an outrageous fee. You see, most attorneys extent the preparation of PPMs to weeks to make it ‘appear’ the amount of work put in (time) justifies their exorbitant fee. In reality, a PPM along with the exhibits only take a few hours.
  3. Frankly, attorneys love to hear themselves talk. We don’t… we love to communicate via email so this reduces the filler conversations to a minimum.